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 About Us...   Definitely not your ordinary diner, The Seacrest is a diner/restaurant which features the varied menu and generous portions of a diner accompanied by the service and quality of a full-scale restaurant. You and your guests can enjoy meals around the clock, from an early-bird special or an over-stuffed omelette at midnight. But the draw of the Seacrest, what built its loyal following and requires reservations on the weekends, are the high-quality entrees offerings.

Seacrest Diner
4 Glen Cove Rd
Old Westbury, NY - 11590
Tel: 516-741-0581
 Hours of Operation:
Monday     6:00A - 2:00A
Tuesday     6:00A - 2:00A
Wednesday     6:00A - 2:00A
Thursday     6:00A - 2:00A
Friday     6:00A - 3:00A
Saturday     6:00A - 3:00A
Sunday     6:00A - 2:00A
 Credit Processing: 

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